Thursday Movie Picks: Aliens


1. District 9

(2009, Directed by Neill Blomkamp)

district 9

The general consensus from critics and audiences alike was that Neill Blomkamp didn’t make anything halfway decent after this film, and although I’m probably the only person on earth who didn’t totally hate Chappie, it’s no District 9. Although District 9 is a social commentary on Apartheid, you don’t have to be an expert on the subject to enjoy this compelling tale of a race of insect-like aliens getting their spaceship stranded over Johannesburg, South Africa and being quarantined by their human captors.

2. Honeymoon

(2014, Directed by Leigh Janiak)


No comment here, because, spoilers! Just watch the movie.


3. Monsters

(2010, Directed by Gareth Edwards)


This movie is kind of a sleeper, but one that more people should definitely watch. It’s kind of a social commentary like District 9, and it takes like half the movie to see the aliens, but it’s totally worth it. There’s a lot of dialogue so it’s not for everybody, and there are only two main characters so the movie is based quite a bit on how they interact. The aliens are quite creative too!

12 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Aliens”

  1. I have seen District 9 which I thought was an excellent film and I thought it was a commentary on so many countries that have done this to other races, religions etc…. I have not seen the other 2 but they sound intriguing.

  2. District 9 is phenomenal. Glad to see it get a mention this week. I once started Monsters, but it was late at night and I fell asleep pretty quickly. Never bothered going back to. I suppose I should. One of these days, maybe. I am going to see Honeymoon, soon. Great picks.

    1. Maybe you should try watching “Monsters” again when you’re less tired. It’s definitely a bit slow-paced (which is probably why you couldn’t stay awake in the first place,) but it’s worth reading all the way through at least once. It’s best to go into “Honeymoon” knowing as little as possible, so try to avoid reviews and trailers that will dilute the experience. “District 9” is a great movie, but the filmmaker seems to have been unable to replicate his success since.

  3. I loved Monsters, there was something beautiful about it. I also thought that the entire production was so well done on a shoestring budget. Gareth Edwards is definitely a talented guy.

  4. Yes to Disctrict 9 and Monsters! I mean, obviously the acting in Monsters isn’t perfect but it’s a great example of badass filmmaking.

    1. I actually didn’t think much of “District 9” the first time I saw it. I can’t remember what objections I had to it, but it took time to grow on me. I don’t really remember the details of the acting in “Monsters”, seemed fine to me but I haven’t seen it in quite a while/

      1. Well, it’s just really amateurish. I was so impressed with what they managed to do with such a small budget though. I was very surprised when I started hearing so many negative reviews of his Godzilla movie.

      2. “Godzilla” was very meh in my opinion, I was bummed that they killed off Bryan Cranston (who’s a grade-A actor) and devoted the rest of the running time to that annoying kid from “Kick-Ass.” Of course, I never saw the old black-and-white originals so I have nothing to compare it to, but I found it an underwhelming experience that underutilized Cranston and the also-fantastic Elizabeth Olsen and barely featured the creature at all. I didn’t know it was by the same director as “Monsters” though (!)

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