Thursday Movie Picks: Movies With Narrators That Do Not Appear on Screen


#1. Amelie


I know some people really don’t like Amelie, but I was utterly captivated by the wonderful lead performance, whimsical themes, and the touches of magical realism that appear in droves here. Amelie is about a shy young woman (Audrey Tautou) who finds the courage to make the people around her’s lives better and discovers true love in the process. An unseen man’s offbeat narration is a big part of the movie, and it doesn’t become an annoyance like most narrations used in film. In fact, it adds something wonderful to the story.


#2. Little Children (read my full review here.)


I know everybody is using this one but wow, what a movie! I  liked the whole thing a lot (it was definitely one of the best acted motion pictures to come out of Hollywood in  a long time,) but above all the sex offender subplot endlessly fascinated me. I never thought I could feel sad for a child molester until I saw this movie. And the guys mother, whoa. I kept wondering if I could love my son if he was a pedophile, let alone with the same ferocious (albeit slightly unnerving) intensity of the mom in this movie. I spent a restless night turning the situations in the film over in my head, but hey, that just means it’s making you think! Unfortunately, the pedantic voice over was the weakest element in a mostly great film.

3. Dope (read my full review here)


Forest Whitaker provides the voice-over in this funny, hyperkinetic movie about an inner city geek thrown way out of his comfort zone who must sell a shitload of the club drug ‘Molly’- and fast. A lot of movies try and fail to imitate Tarantino’s style of dialogue, but Dope is a movie that actually manages to be Tarantino-esque without seeming lame or like a try-hard. The voice-over actually works here- kudos to the director and the cast for making a fast-paced, witty, and wildly entertaining comedy-adventure-drama.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Movies With Narrators That Do Not Appear on Screen”

  1. Great choices. I’m not a huge fan of Amelie, but I am the other two. Glad to see Dope getting some love and Little Children is all over the place, today.

  2. What’s with all these people who don’t like Amelie? I love that movie. I loved Dope too — I’m glad you included it.

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