My Thoughts on Ferguson, Michael Brown, and the So-Called Epidemic of Police Brutality

Reposted from Tumblr

A Sort-of Political rant…Written by Me

Let me just say right now- the recent killings of black men by law enforcement officers are tragic. BUT- I’m sick of people acting like cops are the fucking Antichrist. They’re not. They’re just men and women trying to do their job (sometimes incompetently, occasionally deplorably and with fatal consequences.) For every bad cop story that is played  up in the media to ridiculousness as if there is no other kind of police officer on earth, there are kind, honorable, and courageous law enforcement officers who are absolutely, positively NOT the racist assholes you make them out to be. Moreover, the media doesn’t give a fuck when a police officer gets gunned down in the line of duty. Just the other day, an officer named Sonny Kim who was an immigrant from South Korea and a long-time credit to the force got shot by a black man. I’ll say it because no one else will- the perpetrator was black- do you notice that when a white cop kills an African-American it is sung up and down the street WHITE OFFICER KILLS YOUNG BLACK MAN but when a black guy kills a cop (white, or in this case, Asian) it’s barely mentioned? Yup, that’s reverse racism in action.


-Michael Brown’s Death was a tragedy, but is it worth maligning a whole group of people?

This cautiously politically correct nonsense is making life dangerous for cops because people want to play vigilante to compensate for a presumed defect in the system.. Do you hear that sound? That’s one thousand Liberals not giving a shit,I have mixed feelings about the allegations of shootings themselves. I think in a lot of them there’s more to the story then what we’re hearing (except Eric Garner, that’s pure bullshit on the cop’s part.) Regardless, no cop should shoot a suspect unless his life or the life of another is in jeopardy. But what’s with all this cop-hating, one-sided crap? It really makes me sick. I have someone close to me who’s been in the police profession for many years, and believe me, the last thing on his mind is crushing his heel into the black man.


-Hank smells Bullshit in your unnecessary constant police-hating

The main things on his mind are providing for his family, his own non-cop related interests (video games, good movies) and setting a little extra sleep aside with his crazy schedule. There. That’s my rant. I’m going to repost it to my blog, although I do not care for politics and generally do not discuss it with strangers. You can agree with me or you can say “Fuck you.” Your decision. But just remember to think twice before you gripe about the ‘God-damned fucking pigs’ with your Liberal buddies. Police have hopes and dreams and families who love them, just like your champions Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. They have folks who worry that their daddy, that their husband, that their son (reverse the genders if you wish)’s  night on the force might be their last.


— Archetypal volatile trigger-happy cop?

Your grief and shock at the deaths of young black men are  to some extent justified- but refrain from making broad hurtful generalizations,for the sake of the good cops who keep the streets clean and safe for living.


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